About Us

Hello and welcome to Nature's Way Candles! 
We are a family run business with a love of things that smell yummy! I am a bit of a candle snob, and have tried many candles and never found quite what I was looking for...so, I turned to hand crafted, 100% soy, hand poured and triple scented candles, for the best fragrances around! 
How's that for candle snobbiness? 
But, I knew I couldn't possibly be the only one out there who needed better candles! So, we have opened this up to everyone! You, the other candle snob, who wants a good smelling, almost edible candle (I said almost edible...I don't recommend eating them) 
We use natural ingredients for our scents as much as humanly possible, but, there are times where we just have to add a little bit of "happy fragrance juice" to the mix. We promise you, they are safe! (we have 8 kids, we get it) 
So, whether you are a customer looking for a great smelling candle, or you are looking at selling our candle line, we are happy you're here! 
Enjoy the Scents!
Carmen Rae
CEO Nature's Way Candles